Hi hi hi hi it’s the music composer again. Sorry you haven’t seen the last of me yet, but don’t worry. I’ll keep this one brief.


Life’s been going in the right direction recently. The game is almost finished by now (well from music perspective anyway lol). I’ve been working on the final song for this game, which is the closing/ending/credit song. This one is easy, since it’s basically just the theme song with lyrics on top. Yeah that’s right, this game has a theme song and you all probably miss it (hint: main menu screen). I’ve already finished the overall structure and the arrangement for the song so now I can sing this song with my trusty guitar. I’ve also sung it to the crew and they loved it. Funny thing is, no one in the crew even knows that we’ve already had the orchestral-instrumental version of the song in the game, and I’ll bet no one who has played it knows it too. And that is one of my favorite songs in the game. Oh well.


So anyway, I’ve already had this plan to make JUST one song, a relatively-easy listening song, with lyrics, and just an instrument or maybe two -I don’t know-, for the closing sequence. It’s gonna have the same melody as the theme song (maybe at this point I’ll refer to it as the main menu song since no one has listened to it anyway). You know, the “wrapping-up things” kinda stuff.


I also had some pictures on how the lyrics would be, but then the lead artist volunteered himself to write it, and I happily accepted the offer. I told him to make a poem. It didn’t need to rhyme, have a structure, or anything fancy since I’d revise it again anyway. So he sat in his chair for like 30 minutes, and came back with this draft:


There is a place
far above the land that we know
far above everything that we ever dreamed
a promising land with magical tales
and there you will be

here I am
incomplete below the land of mist
lost and forgotten in cave of our dream
stranger in an epic community
holding on the promise we’ve whisper
and my journey begins

I Ascend
Through the heart of the universe
Flowing with the wind and light
Catching an electric wave
To push me far away up

I Ascend
Break through every layer of height
Thrusting our heart
Searching our destiny
for us to meet again

So here I am
Ocean In the land of beginning
Hold me, complete me
rejoin with me
Sky of Atlas


Which was cool, but I needed to change it a lot so it matched the structure of the song. I also needed to add, remove, and/or replace some words for either rhyming or artistic purpose. Add some instruments, and it’s almost ready.


The hardest part is to find a singer. I’ve talked to one of the artist (whose this code-name thingy I don’t even know) to sing. Her voice has the character I had in mind, but she needs to work a little bit on her ability to keep the pitch. She’s not a bad singer per se, but yeah it could do some tweaking. I really want her voice to be in this song to be honest.


Everything is almost finished for music. The lyrics for this song are done but they’re not final yet, so the draft is still a secret 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy it when the game is finally released. Until then, see you next time ❤

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