DEVLOG#23 – Ascender Has Been GREENLIT!


Big thanks to the positive and enthusiastic support from the Community. Ascender: The Enigmatic Journey has been Greenlit in 2 weeks and will come to Steam marketplace in the middle of 2016!

Thank you for all the votes, shares and comments over the past weeks. The game has come a long way with over several months of development time and we’re so excited to finally complete and release it to a wider audience.

We don’t have the exact release date, but we’ll post a new announcement here as soon as things are set in stone. In the meantime, if you’d like to receive our regular updates, feel free to follow Ascender’s Facebook Page and Twitter ..

~ Captain

DEVLOG#22 – Ascender still waiting to be Greenlit


Wow, we still cant believe we started our Greenlight Campaign. We are both excited and nervous monitoring the progress of our greenlight. We chose January 16th, 2016 as the first day of our campaign. Not only a beautiful number that become the reason we pick number, we also have create our own calculation and research.
We went through our first day with weird feeling. Happy, worries, surprises and many feeling occurred when we saw the number for both YES and NO vote are increasing. We are also so nervous waiting for the comment that will be written by Steam player.

Positive comment filled with praise, happy expression and support after reviewing our page or even playing our games create a joyful emotion in our heart. Every trouble and sacrifice we made while developing Ascender since May 2015 has been paid.

While constructive input or even mockery is also become our fuel to improve Ascender. We highly appreciate the sincerity and honesty of Steam’s player with spontaneous and very attentive reaction to Ascender.

The comments do not only come from Steam Greenlight page, a few player come and visit our facebook page and web. Our friends are also both willingly and excitingly send us email containing suggestions and input. Some of them are also game designer, sound designer and game experts.

The words “Thank You” can not describe how appreciative we are to Ascenderians who play the game, voted and comment at the Stream Greenlight Page. We are continuing our journey with sky, giving the best for Ascenderians for the release version later. Keep praying and supporting us through the end of this epic journey.

Vote YES for Ascender through shortlink or directlink.

Ruby the red light waiting for the greenlit

DEVLOG#21 – The People and Creatures of Ascender

Hello. Ascenderians!

It’s my first time writing this devlog. I’m Alexandrite, one of the artist, who is still coping with Alan Rickman’s death. Well, I don’t really know how to write but I’ll talk about characters in the world of Ascender.

Designing character is quite tricky, as character is the one who the player use throughout the game, so you have to make the character as lovable as possible, in many ways. Amber, our Art Director, provides me with the early sketches of the main character and then trust with the final design.

Sketches of Sky

The creation of Sky, our little robot, is the easiest since it has been decided earlier that Sky is the “little, dog-like companion”.

Sky Final Design
Sketch of Ocean

Ocean’s concept is the typical “Golden hair, Ocean blue eyes” of classic beauty. It’s harder to catch her image since she’s just a little girl. I have to make her as innocent as possible while maintaining her beauty, which is not my forte. So in the end, we give her a weird hairdo with three braids. Her image keep changing, until in-game-sprites where her hair is longer, messier with platinum-blonde color instead of golden blonde, and the rings on her front braids is getting bigger

The final design and in-game sprite.

And beside the main characters, there’s also NPCs, creatures and the random villagers. It’s a new experience to design the GOA Civilization, along with it’s cultures, clothes, physical traits.

Meowl & Gnallo

The creatures, as Garnet has posted, are the fusions of animals. A weird mix, but they are quite cute, aren’t they? Meet Meowl and Gnallo! The fusion of Cat-Owl and Gnawer-Armadillo. There will be quests about them, so, prepare to cath’em all!

NPC: Villagers

About the Villagers, Honestly, i was having a hard time designing GOA Cultures. And then i was inspired by Borneo Tattoo as the main feature of their culture.

Tattoo of Goa

So, what do you think about our Characters? Or maybe you want the high-resolution tattoo design to tattoo your body…. i’ll be delighted since i can’t get myself tattoed.

Before I go, don’t forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight

Alexandrite, Log out~

DEVLOG#20 – We are on STEAM Greenlight

Dear Ascenderians,

Today is a big day for GameChanger team, we have just publish our STEAM Greenlight page. We have been developing Ascender for 7 months, excluding our research and analysis phase. You have been a great audience for us and have helped us giving valuable input.

By opening ourselves in STEAM Greenlight page, we are ready to accept more input from the biggest community of PC Game player in the world. Our greenlight page can be visited at or

Next month, we are going to launch the beta version of ascender as the final version that can be enjoyed by public before we are releasing the game for sale.

That is all from me, a short news with the biggest information from us.







DEVLOG#19 – Animals Fusion : Gotta Mix’em All!!

DEVLOG#19 – Animals Fusion : Gotta Mix’em All!!

Hi, guys! Happy new year to our beloved Ascenderians!!

Garnet’s here and I want to tell you a tale behind some animals in Ascender. So, it all begins when Amber, the conceptor of Goa’s civilization had a long discussion about what kind of animal should live in Goa. In the talk, I gave my idea that it should be combination with 2 or more animals and Amber added some suggestion to consider about food chain and underground adaptation of those animals.

Where’s the idea come from? Actually, it just flashed in my mind when I remembered about trending post in 9GAG about pokemon! As one of the pokemon gamer, I really love when some people makes fan arts about them. For you guys, who doesn’t know yet about Pokemon (I doubt it, cause at least we heard of it, right?!?) you can check their official web in here. But, here it comes the fantastic fan arts on 9GAG!!

Pokemon Fusion as The Inspiration of Ascender's Animals
A 9GAG Post about Pokemon Fusion

It is amazingly cool, isn’t it? So, I try to figure it out, when my idea and Amber’s concerns meet. I created the lowest level of the food chain first: The TONABA! This is the fusion of Plankton and Amoeba (primarily the ability to divide itself) that can live either in water or land. Actually, it won’t be visually seen in the game but I placed some images so you guys can imagine what it will looks like.

The Plankton + Amoeba ability to divide itself

The second layer of the animal food chain are a bug and a water creature. Okay, this time the inspiration wasn’t really came from me, the bug part came from Chalcedony in the time that he showed me this picture.

Anchopper Illustration
The Anchopper Illustration

So, what is this bug actually??? This is a kind of bug that can live amphibious, which is the combination between an anchovy and a grasshopper: The ANCHOPPER! They love to eat many tonabas one by one till they full , they also can eat leaves. Anchoppers can be found in many places inside Goa and yeah, they are really buggy (annoying) but birds and small animals love to eat them!

Cattlefish Illustration
The Cattlefish Illustration

Next one comes from my authentic imagination. It’s a mix between a cattle and a cuttlefish : The CATTLEFISH! I know you must be wondering what it will looks like, it’s quite simple anyway: the shape are exactly the same  like cuttlefish but they have a pattern on their skin like a cow. Guess what, there is a lot of inks inside cuttlefish (if you grab and squeeze a cuttlefish the ink will pop out, right), but how about cattlefish?  They contain milk inside their body! So, this animal not only in the second level of food chain but it also provides the dairy need for GOA’s people! They eat tonabas all at once, anchoppers are also included.

Okay before I get too excited to write all the things in my post, I should give an end here because next our character artist, Morganite, will write about characters and animals that she already sketched and colored from my fusion idea description. Here is the clue about two animal names that Morganite already accomplished : MEOWL and GNALLO. Can you guess what’s the fusion recipe?

I’m Garnet, signing out from GameChanger’s vacation! 🙂

Happy new year, Ascenderians!

Happy new year, Ascenderians!

How time flies and suddenly it’s almost a year in developing our epic best game yet: Ascender! We have spent much of our time, thought, and treasure, for this sole reason: to finish this long-awaited game! Oh, the lost of opportunity to go for an outing, watch movies, and even to date …!

As for the time being, we have reached the alpha version milestone, packed with awesome stuffs which we ourselves find it difficult to believe. All of Game Changer crew is actively and wholly involved in assembling the pieces of Ascender.

Story team (Garnet and me) strove in inventing scenario and dialogues not only to match the grand storyline, but to actually become the heart of the entire game. Game design and programming team (Amethyst and Chalcedony) hurdled across challenges to make a fun and intuitive gameplay. Visual art team (Amber, Jade, Alexandrite, Moldavite, and Peridot) scrambled through innumerably difficult sketches and drawings. Audio team (Zircon and Citrine) never had the chance to unequip their headsets in order to produce superior tunes that blend well with the game. Garnet, Amethyst, and me also had to wrestle to make the best decision for the marketing strategy of Ascender.

If we are to reflect on this lengthy and challenging journey we traveled so far, it is suffice to say: Thanks God! The future, signified by this incoming new year, is full of shiny radiant stars of hope, floating in the sky of hope. We have high confidence and expectation to reach them, fulfilling our dreams. We will keep walking, side by side, hand in hand, our beloved brothers and sisters. Together we will keep ascending to realize the testament of Mar (late wife of Prof. Toro Hudo), that is, to give arms and legs for Ocean, their treasured daughter.