DEVLOG#09 – Imagining Ascender

Hi there, I’m Amber, the art director, this is my first time for me writing this game development blog. First, let me take you for a walk in imagining the concept world of Ascender through this blog.

I want you to imagine a big world, full with Ascendrians (ancient people of Ascender) living peacefully in their own group without conflict or greed. They communicate with nature and use its resources, then hold ceremonies as a symbol of thankfulness. They are used to sing and pray together, with calmness and emotion control to keep themselves from confronting each other.

Ascender world_ok

Then, later in Ascender world’s history,they found a disbalance among themselves, and they began to differentiate between themselves. Those who are able to achieve synergy with the nature, can manipulate and harness its power, are called the purists, whereas those who didn’t possess such ability, but is excellent in logical thinking are called the scientists. The scientists improved their way of living by researching and technology. Sadly, there was a third group of people which wasn’t granted any purity nor logical skills. These people, whose rely only on their body strength, are called workers.

In that ancient times, those groups of Ascendrians were still living harmoniously together regardless their differences, but it didn’t take long before they go separate ways. After centuries, they are growing larger and larger, with the scientists being the largest group, followed by the workers. Capitalism began to corrupt Ascendrians, which became big concerns for the purists. As it is not their nature to confront each other, they were forced to evacuate into deep jungle, surrounded by factories, skyscrapers, and toxic waste.

The purists had nowhere to go, as the nature was getting ruined. Trees were cut down, sea was full of oil, and the air was contaminated and full of dust. The elder of the purist decided that they had to vanish with all the nature that’s left, and preserve them to stay pure. The only way they could go is upward, where the air is still fresh. So, alongside the nature spirit, they combined their almighty magic to lift the parts of the world which was still pure to the sky.

Finally they did it. The depressed, threatened minority race show their teeth, their true ability. That giant continent, rising slowly to the sky, left only huge holes on the ground. Such display of power, amazed all other Ascendrians beyond their logic and technologies, and set their ego burning. It was a challenge! As the floating islands were getting smaller from the view, the scientists speed up their research, fueled by the anger and jealousy to achieve what the purists had done. But before they did it, the whole ocean slowly moved up above the ground, into the sky, like a big giant jelly. It’s not long before they eventually blocked the sunlight.

That was the ultimate act of the purists, blocking every Ascenderians left below from reaching their pure continent. It’s almost dark in the ground below sea water, only a gloomy bluish light faintly illuminates for days. Then suddenly, the sea water above cleared, causing bright sunlight to be shed on the ground once more, although not as bright as before. It was the purists who cleared the ocean from toxic waste and oil, which now effectively separate them with the world below.

Left with holes, contaminated air, and no water, was unacceptable for the scientist. So, they created a giant mechanism to lift the remaining land above to get fresh air. They were able to mimic the floating island with heavy machinery, but they cannot got any further as the sea obstruct their way. They researched and experimented, but to no avail.

What remained on the ground was mostly the workers now. They were bound to meet their doom. Without any knowledge of technology, they left behind with no trees, no water, nor fresh air. Some tried climbing the tallest building in order to grow hydroponic plant with few water left, but not for a long term.

In that times of desperation, most of them tried going down into the ground, dug deeper and deeper, and ultimately lived in the caves. They found underground water source, and built the first ancient underground civilization called GOA, with some technological knowledge and magic from some scientists and purists who refused to go up.

That, is the first story told by Ascendrians, which recovered from an ancient text from the first year after the world separated and created layers of civilization, with GOA as the lowest layer deep underground. Now, centuries after that event, the memories of the past event had been buried, and the present generation living no longer know about the world above them.

This is our challenge, to capture and present the multilayer civilization world of Ascender. Stay with us to see out process of creating the beauty and complexity of Ascender world. Amber will guide you through the enigmatic journey, let’s start imagining…

DEVLOG#04 – Creating The World

Hello Ascenderians!

I’m Jade, the lead artist in Game Changer Team. Today I’m super excited because now is my turn to share about the art of the world of Ascender The Game.

So first of all, I’ll tell you about how Amber, the art director, designed the unique Goa civilization that has been described by Ruby, then how I colored the sketches made by Amber.

Goa is an underground civilization, so of course Goa need some artificial stuffs like oxygen, sunlight, and even artificial rain. They also need an energy source to fulfill the needs to keep the artificial systems working, so Amber created Rajumla, the district of energy. Here’s a sketch of Rajumla.

Then i think it would be nice if this energy district is filled with dark brownish color with a greeny-yellowish light on the background, and completed with shiny blue here and there as an accent and to balance the contrast and the color  pallete 😀 So i start with brown color as the base and adding some white as a reminder there will be a light bouncing on the stone’s surface.


After that, I added the colors and details here and there and voila! Rajumla the energy district is done!


nd now about the character. Ascender The Game has 2 main characters, they are a robot named Sky and a human named Ocean. Actually, Ocean is a human from another civilization above the sky. Ocean’s biological parents threw her down to the civilization below them because they don’t want to have a kid with no arms & legs, before finally Professor Toro took Ocean home. Here is a concept of Ocean with artificial arms and legs from Prof. Toro.


Because Prof. Toro need some more materials to perfect the artificial arms and legs but he can’t walk too far because of his age, Prof. Toro created a robot to do the mission, named Sky.


Isn’t Sky cute? 😀

What do you think about Rajumla, Sky and Ocean? Let us know by putting your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe, because next time I’ll tell you Ascenderians about how we made Dolopo, The Main City of Goa.

Okay then, till we meet again!