DEVLOG #43 – Credit Title

Hi Ascenderian, Fire here..

Ascender began entering the finishing stage. In this stage, there are polishing process and put some additional object to the game. Amber, the art director told me to make the credits title by using the concept of Ascender. So, the concept of this credit title is illustrated by showing the camera moving from bottom to top, showing the background that is used as an in game stages.


The name of the stage are Rajumla, Helion, Mustang, Dolopo and Everest. There are a lot of NPC representing every stage and had a simple animation. The NPCs have many spreadsheet that wasting a lot of time to make and i must put it in after effects composition.In addition, Sky must be animated to jumping from text credit to the background platform.


Sky character animation process is a little bit tricky because it must adjust spreadsheet from different layer and animations. Sometimes, I have to double checking the timing of each spreadsheet layer for smoothing the transitions.Stage also had changing several times. It caused by strange looking parts from the stage and it must be repaired.


Unfortunately, the file does not have a Photoshop format so that the repair process is a bit time consuming. The credit title making process  is entering the finalization process, but I must wait for more people that will contribute in making this Ascender game. After that, I can finish it.


That’s all from me, continue to support Ascender.

Cheers 🙂

DEVLOG #41 – Trailer Designer!

Long time no see… Hi Ascenderians, Citrine here.­­­­­

As a Sound Designer, I’ll tell you that the sound designing progress on Ascender is almost done. I just have to make some sound effect for ending scene & retouch background music for ending to the credit title. But, over the development process, sometimes the programmer still give me some input related the audio. Because he is the one who plays Ascender every day on his Unity project, so I think he would understand if there something are less cool both in terms of art or audio.

Here some of my todo list :

  • Ending scene
  • Camera moving up
  • Glow SFX
  • Ocean walking, jump & land
  • Ocean transform
  • Charging SFX
  • Audio ending transition

So,  while completing some audio work, Rubi The Producer told me to make a trailer for Ascender. From sound designer to be trailer maker, hmm, Trailer Designer! lol. Well, to be honest, I was not too great in terms of making a trailer but I’ll try my best. 😀

This time, I’ll make a different trailer from the previous one that I made for Steam Greenlight trailer. The previous trailer is telling more about the arrival of Ocean to the GOA civilization. While the new trailer, I would emphasize to the friendship between Ocean and Sky,  so we can understand the motivation of why Sky want to fight for Ocean. Here is my draft for ‘brand new’ trailer.


Less obvious? lol, it’s just little sneak peak for Ascender’s Trailer. I’m still working on it probably until next week or the end of June. Asap.

Sorry gtg I have to finish this ‘hopefully awesome’ trailer.

Citrine out. 😀


nb: Thanks to Moldovite has given me the idea for this trailer & help me make a draft.

DEVLOG #40 – Everest: The Root

Hi Ascenderians, this time, moldovite is back!! In this blog, I will tell you about Everest.

Everest is one of many districts in GOA’s civilization, it is not a mountain nor a city. Everest is a massive sacred root and becomes the center of religious activities.

So why it so special?

Citizen of GOA thinks that the root is the path to the heaven. It is a sacred bridge that connects the world below to above. Because of that, many people in goa begun to come to Everest to pray for health and success to the almighty.

Just like many focus grounds before, we start it with a sketch before we went digital. For Everest, Amber (the art director) make a sketch like this

And because Everest is the root that connects the two world, it surely has something magical and mystic that make Everest different from other roots. After a lot of discussions, we choose purple and violet for the color of the tree and the surrounding. The color is chosen because they represent the color of magic. mystic and fantasy.

Here is the digitalization of the sketch earlier


Ta daaa…… The Everest! The root of God!! 🙂

If you look in detail, you will notice that there is a minor change with stair in the upper left, this case happen sometimes, for the sake of game design sometimes we must chop off the art, and adjust it. I think it’s not bad. And like civil war quote “sometimes we need to lose the small battles in order to win the war” so it doesn’t mind me at all.

And that will be our end of this session, let me say my goodbye to you…

Moldovite sign out.

DEVLOG #36 – Making The NPCs

Hello everybody! My codename is Varis­­­­­­­­cite, the new intern at the GameChanger Team. I’m here to help make the NPCs and animate the characters. To be honest I don’t actually know what to write here since this is my first blog post. But I’m going to try and hope that I don’t mess things up. Enough of the introduction, let’s go!

The other artists made such a beautiful environments that it would be a waste that there’s no people living there, right? Don’t you worry! Here comes my role. The NPCs can make the environment more lively. They can serve a variety of functions and reinforce a sense of immersion in the environment.


For example, the market. Market is an environment that allows buyers and sellers to trade or exchange goods, services, and information, a place where people go to buy or sell things and any type of trade takes place. So there will be lots of interaction and activity there. So, in this case I made some NPCs that will fit to the situation. Like a women with a shopping basket and there’s also a kid carrying a paper bag full of things.

npc 3
And there you have it! Villagers that lives in the city. But wait it’s not moving? Is that supposed to be a human or is that a cardboard cutout? That’s where the animation takes place. Let’s start breathing some life into the Characters. After making the NPCs, I break down the body parts (body, head, eyes, and etc.), combine it again in a program that I use to animate, add the bone, and I’m all ready to animate. Most of the characters have 3 animation, which is Idle, Walk, and Talk.

I guess it’s enough for me today, there’s more but that would spoil all the fun! But anyway thanks for reading. Be sure to stay tuned for more interesting stories!

~ Veriscite

DEVLOG#31 – Creating the Dynamic Environment [Intern’s Journal]

Hey guys, I’m the new intern on the team. They call me Hessonite in the team and this is my first time writing a blog. So, on this very first blog, I’m going to talk about what am I doing on the team. Here I go!

So, let’s imagine a game take place in spaceship with some monitors. Then imagine if those monitors shows some numbers,  blinking lights, and maybe a rotating cube. Those animated monitors is what you want to call as dynamic environments. Don’t you think some moving objects could make an environment look more real and lively? Well, that’s what dynamic environment is all about. As you can guess by now, I’m in charge of dynamic environment for Ascender, and I’ll give some examples of what it’s going to look like.

Linear Glow Version 2 Preview
Linear Glow for Open Mustang Puzzle Environment

This animated line is pretty simple to make actually. You just need to make a line with pen tool on After Effects and give that line a trim path effect.  What does trim path do? It gives the line a write on effect by manipulating the end value. If you set the end value to 0, the line will look like this.

gambar dio (a)
Linear Glow – Frame 0

And if you set it to 100, the line will look like this.

gambar dio (b)
Linear Glow – Frame 100

If you set the 0 value at frame 0 and set the 100 value at frame 100, your line will move exactly like the animation above. Pretty neat isn’t it? It doesn’t look all that great, does it? Well, that’s because I have limitations of how big the file size can be. It is understandable if you count all of these dynamics I have made for the game (more than 20, and it’s increasing). Just Imagine if every of them have the size of 100 MB, Ascender  size will become big, so big that you have to spend more time to download it. #sizematters

Here’s some of the dynamic environment that I have made for Ascender.

Medic Screen 1.0
Medical Center Screen
Static Noise 2.0
Static Noise on City Board

I think that’s it for now. I have said what I wanted to say. See you later guys.

DEVLOG#28 – Let The Story Begin…

For hundreds of years, harmony has left the world of Ascender. It was once a captivating habitat for celestials, humans and creatures that live in unity. These humanoids were living in magnificent environment made by placid surroundings and they work together in balance. However, there is no such thing called perfection…

The Celestials, felt their existence threatened due to being outnumbered by humans, combined their power and bring the lands towards the sky, calling it Atlas, and creating their own civilization. Below Atlas, they created a barrier called Ut by bringing up water terrains. Enraged by their action, The Scientists decided to build a floating island using science and advanced technologies in order to reclaim their beautiful land. They call this floating island, Spunk Island. The rest of the civilization was left on Ataran, the cracked ground full of sulfuric gas.

Ascender world_ok
Civilization Divisions Concept Art

Professor Toro Hudo was an inventor and key person in Ataran’s civilization. He was betrayed and deserted by Spunk Island developers, but his big heart and wisdom has kept him away from revenge. With his wife, Marr Hudo, he decided to stay in poisonous Ataran land and help others by making equipment for them. Both of them didn’t have any child, they were living in modesty and humble life with one goal: everyone in Ataran can get a better life. They invented survival tools for individuals, families, humanoids, and animals in poisonous environment, then they get foods and raw materials supplies in return.

Ataran’s Concept Art

One day, Professor Toro Hudo was on his way exploring Ataran, he saw a shiny light in the shade of clouds. A golden-haired limbless baby was going down rapidly from the Ut direction straight to his standing area. He caught her and saw her eyes, strong intense feelings made him hug her tight and tears just came out. Realizing that the baby couldn’t survived long in Ataran, he took the baby to an undiscovered area deep down in the world of Ascender… to a mythical area… to a place where it all starts…. Goa…

Dolopo – The Central Capital of Goa

DEVLOG#25 – Mustang It!

I’m not sorry for that title. Hi! The name’s Peridot and I’m part of the Art team here, nice to meet you all. Today is my first time writing here, more like first time ever writing something like this, so I’m going to try my best. Today’s topic’s about the new district: Mustang (Duh!), especially the art part (or that’s as far as I can go).

First of all, happy D-1 valentine’s day! I’ve never celebrated it, but I do understand that there’re several ways to celebrate this day all over the world (Fun fact: I just read the Wikipedia, LOL). Based on that, thank you for following us up until now and on behalf of the team I’d say, we really love you and here’s a poem for you:

“The rose is red, the violet’s blue,

The honey’s sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it shou’d be you.”

-Gammer Gurton’s Garland (1784)
(Yes, I’m a lazy person)

Back onto business, before I start explaining, I want to refresh your memory regarding Ascender. This is the concept world of Ascender, written by the art director Amber. Also, Ruby, our scriptwriter told you about the districts exist in Goa, here.

Now that your Ascender’s memories have returned and you have basic info of Mustang, let’s talk for real. As written by Ruby, Mustang’s the source of food for the citizens of Goa. If you’ve played our alpha game (which can be found here), you’re playing the district’s below Mustang called Dolopo. You could see that Dolopo has a lot of brown colors with all those metal-thingamabobs whereas Mustang has a lot of greens, due to, yes, you guessed it right: its farm fields among other things.



Can you spot the differences?

There aren’t a lot of buildings here (compared to Dolopo of course), because the farms are the main feature in Mustang. Its farm fields based on an agriculture technique called ‘terracing’. I helped with the drawing on the farm fields behind the focus ground using traditional watercolors with a little digital polishing (We do have technology). Oh yeah, to be able to make the crops grow properly until harvest time, they used an artificial sunlight. Well, I don’t know what to explain anymore about the Mustang situation, so here are more sneak peek of Mustang.

Now, let’s talk about the animals that live in Mustang. Now as stated before, Mustang’s the place for food for the citizens of Goa which mean a lot of animals live here, heck you can find most animal species in Goa here! For example Tonaba, it’s a (not)precious microscopic creature that helps fertilizing soils here. Also there’re Garsels which help with transportation individually. Mass transportation handled by Millithropode et cetera et cetera… I don’t want to give out too much spoiler, let the others do it for me LOL. Anyway, below are sneak peek concept of the creatures I mentioned before:

Gambar 6
Gambar 5

That’s it for today! Stay updated, and if you haven’t tried our game, do try it and tell us what you think! Any feedbacks are really appreciated. We are trying our best! Thanks~

Last, but not least, again thank you very much, see you again and have a wonderful day!

Signing off,


DEVLOG#24 – Quick tour of Dolopo from within

Hi!! I am Moldivite from GameChanger Team, I am a junior 2d artist. Today, it will be my task to deliver you some of insight regarding our game development. I will give you a quick tour of inside Dolopo.

Our art director, Amber, given the task to develop the Interior of Dolopo to Fire (the intern) and me.It will be the last task for Fire and we will be missing him for sure. Now lets start talking about Interior!!!

In the process of making it unique we have to know what is the purpose or intent of the buildings. It does not need to be complicated, the building purpose can be simple. Such as, hotel is the place to stay, hospital is where citizen have rest and treatment, and post office is where people send letters. Knowing how the building works also help us creating more details in the interior. We can design items that is present within the building. I will give some interior breakdown in Dolopo, for now which interior get my breakdown list is, post office, medical center and research center.




Post office dolopo city

The first to breakdown is post office.

First thing to do is draw a sketch of the post office, this is done by Fire, with direction from our art director, Amber. Following picture is an early sketch of the post office, early sketch by Fire is only the focus ground.


Sketch of post office

Can be seen on sketch, there are registration desk, a delivery room and  letters and meowl placefor takes rest, meowl itself is the sender of the letter in Goa.

after receiving the focus ground, it is my turn to digitalize the post office, following picture is the results of digital.


Digitalize post office

After converted to digital, post office look more attractive isn’t it?

You can see the top right spot for meowl, I added some hay there. Because that is a place for meowl to rest and gather (after a long journey full of peril to deliver mail), so I though that place should look comfortable enough for meowl. And don’t forget about background in the interior.

Here’s backround that has been applied to the focusground.


Post office with background

At the center of the background right behind the registration desk, there is a map on the wall and a closet containing a stack of books and letters, the map on the wall is to facilitate the mailer in showing their destination.

Now let’s look at the space coordinate the delivery at the bottom left. On the walls there are little notes which contain details of shipments. This is done in order to not misdirected the sending all packages or letters in sent order, because if something goes wrong the blame is on poor meowl (lol, jk)

Overall background made darker because of the geographical location of the post office itself is located at the bottom of town Dolopo.




Medical center dolopo city

Just like post office area, we get started with a sketch first.


Medical centre sketch

In the sketch, there are two mattresses rest and space registration or space for registration. There is also an upstairs room, but the upstairs room is not accessible. The upstairs room was made to show that at the medical center is not a small building which have some medical tools that can not be seen on the 1st floor, such as wheelchairs and oxygen tanks on top.


Digitalize medical center

After I finish with the digitalization, I made the top room that can not be accessed darker. So players can focus on the bottom ground. The interior is quite small this time, because the concept of this medical center is not a hospital but just a health center.



Exterior of research center 

If we look at the research centre exterior, we can imagine that this building will have a large interior with a more advanced technology than the other buildings in Dolopo.

Therefore, Fire make escalator in the interior, because the research center itself has two floors. Let we see the research center sketch by Fire.


Sketch of research center 1st floor 


Sketch of research center 2nd floor

This time we get a two sketch from Fire, on the first floor focus ground sketch directly exposed to the escalator. Fire itself received a referral from Amber that sky is not too explore part of the 1st floor and was immediately directed to the second floor.

On the second floor, the escalator was immediately arrived at scientist’s room, there is a research table with reaction tube, bookcase and a computer along with the server. At the top there is a box containing the material, tools and equipment for research.

The following image is the digitalization of the research center


Digitalize interior research center

After digitalizing and combining 2 floors you’ll see a different, yap right, there is an additional 1 room below focus ground 2nd floor, and a tube in it side. The addition of the interior is done because if  directly added and incorporated into Unity program there will be gaps at the bottom 2nd floor and under the gate on the 2nd floor, and make the focus ground drift.

Even after, digitilization is done the room still looks a little less so visible as a research center of the building. That is why we are now strengthten the background so that it looks more to be as research center.


Interior research center with background

Well, after I give a background to that picture, is that starting to look like a research center isn’t? The emphasis of the research center looks at some of the tubes in the first floor which coated glass. Glass coatings emphasize that there’s research on the unknown danger that awaits and not known by the scientist by doing that research,

With background tubes and glass,we can show that this is indeed a big research center just as seen on the exterior. Background wall that seemed neat and simple make an hygienic impression on the interior. Hygienic itself is one trait that is guarded by the scientist.


Differences in the making exteriror environement and interior environment are in the manufacturing background. Interior does not as complicated as GOA exterior creation that uses parallax, it only uses one background image file.

So this is all from me about  interior in Cental Capital Dolopo,

Stay tune in ascender devblog for another interior breakdown from me moldovite

Moldovite over and out.. 🙂

DEVLOG#21 – The People and Creatures of Ascender

Hello. Ascenderians!

It’s my first time writing this devlog. I’m Alexandrite, one of the artist, who is still coping with Alan Rickman’s death. Well, I don’t really know how to write but I’ll talk about characters in the world of Ascender.

Designing character is quite tricky, as character is the one who the player use throughout the game, so you have to make the character as lovable as possible, in many ways. Amber, our Art Director, provides me with the early sketches of the main character and then trust with the final design.

Sketches of Sky

The creation of Sky, our little robot, is the easiest since it has been decided earlier that Sky is the “little, dog-like companion”.

Sky Final Design
Sketch of Ocean

Ocean’s concept is the typical “Golden hair, Ocean blue eyes” of classic beauty. It’s harder to catch her image since she’s just a little girl. I have to make her as innocent as possible while maintaining her beauty, which is not my forte. So in the end, we give her a weird hairdo with three braids. Her image keep changing, until in-game-sprites where her hair is longer, messier with platinum-blonde color instead of golden blonde, and the rings on her front braids is getting bigger

The final design and in-game sprite.

And beside the main characters, there’s also NPCs, creatures and the random villagers. It’s a new experience to design the GOA Civilization, along with it’s cultures, clothes, physical traits.

Meowl & Gnallo

The creatures, as Garnet has posted, are the fusions of animals. A weird mix, but they are quite cute, aren’t they? Meet Meowl and Gnallo! The fusion of Cat-Owl and Gnawer-Armadillo. There will be quests about them, so, prepare to cath’em all!

NPC: Villagers

About the Villagers, Honestly, i was having a hard time designing GOA Cultures. And then i was inspired by Borneo Tattoo as the main feature of their culture.

Tattoo of Goa

So, what do you think about our Characters? Or maybe you want the high-resolution tattoo design to tattoo your body…. i’ll be delighted since i can’t get myself tattoed.

Before I go, don’t forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight

Alexandrite, Log out~

DEVLOG#15 – ParaParaParallax!

Hello Ascenderians!

It’s me again, Jade, the lead artist from GameChanger Team. I’m so happy to see you reading our blog until now, mwah!

So far, Ascender the Game has expanded from prototype version, to Pre Alpha Version. It has been sooo many features added to our beloved game, like the Rune, skills, character, NPCs, animation, and the most important thing is:  Outdoor Background ;D

We all know that in side scrolling game, the most important thing besides the character it self is the background. Without a proper & well suited background, players won’t get the feel when playing, so we put most of our effort to create a beautifully hand drawn background.

At first, we just put our background here and there, then just edit the color a little bit and done. But, then we felt that it dosen’t feel “big” enough to represent our wonderful Goa civilization, so Amber, me, and the other artist decided to make the background with Parallax Scrolling technique

So what is parallax scrolling? here’s the sample image for parallax scrolling from wikipedia

A side view of the layers used for parallax scrolling in The Whispered World

A side view of the layers used for parallax scrolling in The Whispered World


It’s a technique in computer graphics where the background images moved by the camera slower than the foreground images, so it creates an illusion of depth in a 2D universe and enhance the immersion for the player. We use this technique to express the beautiful civilization of Goa, under the surface of the world of Ascender. Now I’ll tell you how we make it.

The first step is, we make the focus ground. Amber took charge for all the sketch after disscussing some matters with Amethyst and Calchedony. Then when the sketch done, Peridot divided the layer based from what the buildings and materials.


prof house 4
Raw version


prof house 4 grayscale
grayscale version

Second, me and Moldavite start to colorize the file from Peridot, one by one, step by step until all done in perfection.  We calculate the materials and texture carefully fofr the sake of semi-realism feel.


prof house4 demo
Finished Focusground. I’m satisfied with the crystal’s color ❤ Moldavite did a very good job!

Third, we polished the color, mood, etc with Amber, then Amber make another sketch for the first, second and third layer of the parallax scrolling. We made the picture while thinking about the concept art of Dolopo, it look fascinating because of the detail of the residence so Amber decided to draw the residence silhouette, colored with brownish orange watercolor for the 3rd layer, reddish orange and brownish yellow for the second and first layer. By the waayyy we colorize this parallax background layer with water color!  woooooott

when I look at the water colored background for the first time, i thought it won’t work well with the focus ground. The  technique is far different digital and manual, so obvious, right?) the contrast is too off, the texture and feel is different, and so on. But then Fire edit the images with all his might, night and day, and the result were suuper gorgeous when combined with the focus ground.

dolopo sample
Implementation of the watercolored parallax background, beautiful isn’t it?

Then we move to the foreground. We made this foreground to deepen the immersive feelings trough the gameplay, add dimensions and enhance the realistic feelings. All the foreground made carefully to not block the players eyes to seeing Sky walking around back and forth exploring the area.

After done with the foreground, then Calchedony set the camera movement for each layers, set the lighting, and so on.

And here’s the result!
Ascender the Game with parallax scrolling technique background

You’ll experience the beautifully done parallax technique for the rest of the game on Pre Alpha Version,  so don’t forget to download the game, leave a comment and follow us here and on Facebook for more info about Ascender the Game! ;D

Untill we meet again!