DEVLOG #37 – Not so Irritating Implementation of Everything…

Hello there!! This is Kunzite, and this is the second time we’ve met here.
So as I said before, as the junior programmer, I’m in charge to add small feature and implement the game assets into the game engine. As this game development approaching it’s ending, – like the lead programmer’s blog’s title: “Irritating implementation of …” – it’s start to irritates me as well (not as irritated as the main guy). Why? Because the work start to pile up as other staff start to unload their stuff together simultaneously and other tiny little adjustments to the game that can be easily missed yet very important that need to be implemented (and yeah, i sometimes forgot some requirements they gave to me while i was implementing other requirements, sorry guys :3).

So my life near the ending of development is full of requirements that come from others like the sound designer with his extra sound effects and audio filter modifications, the artists with adjusting the color level and a lot of new images that sometimes not fit in the stage design so I have to send it back to them or repair some of the images myself to save time, if it not takes much time for me to do it (and don’t forget about checking the images’ size to prevent the game size become too large). Then come the level designer with the puzzle modifications, and the story writer with the dialog altering.

Not just that, most of them is not easy to satisfied, so they adjust a lot. But let’s fight for it! For the greater good! 😀
Now let me pleased your eyes with some good stuff (not just me babbling about life). If you read the early blog from Ruby, it’s mentioned that there is a district in GOA called RAJUMLA (Energy Area). Our art director imagine the district as a very hot area then he came with idea of a cave with flowing lava inside. So to make it flow smoothly, the job’s given to the programmers. The lead programmer code it for a while and he gave it to me to develop it and implement it to the stage. To make the lava is simple, but to generate it to whole area need patient and precicion.
So, feast your eyes !!


All you need is “lava” 😀

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more.

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