Hello Ascenderians, it’s me again, Jade, the artist of this GameChanger Team.

In this post I want to show you guys how to visualize a server city with a super cold sub-zero atmosphere and also a bunch of cables and metals.


You must be wondering what the heck it is lol then here it goes!


Remember about the Goa Civilization? No? Let me remind you again then. Goa is an underground civilization created by ancient people for living. Then several years ago, Professor Toro came into Goa and built a bunch of technology needed by citizens to live there completely, like artificial sun light, rain, the cooling and heating system, weather system, and so on.

Helion is one of the big cities inside Goa that has a role for cooling the server machines and cables that distributes the energy to the entire city in Goa. It’s actually a smart city tho. Amber, the art director thought that Helion must be a really cold city because a lot of gigantic machines are built there, so he came up with a sketch like this

Peridot had already blocked the stage so what I did was fill them with magic 😀 😀

Firstly I chose the undertone color for the stage. Because this area is really cold and full of metal materials, I decided to use grey-ish dark blue color for the base with multiply mode on the layer option.

Then I used my magic to the crystals first (they are easier to color, that’s why :p) then….I sadly continued to the metals, AND THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE MOST IRRITATING PART T_T

See? All of them is grey. It makes me feel dull because there are not much color and also…looks so bland L I can’t even entirely describe my boredom when doing this at the time. I also have to work more to the value, deciding which will gonna be the frontmost and the backmost, which will be the brightest and the darkest shade of grey (not referring to the 50 shades one lol). The middle shade contains a wide variety of grey shades, and whether the blue undertone will blend perfectly here, also to make the grey shade not entirely pure grey. Here I have to be carefully decide where to put the lighting tho, because….it’s confusing.

After I struggled coloring the grey part, the fun part rises! The third step will be coloring the details with icy texture, bluish white color and adding a pop of non-blue color to give some variation. I also add a little bit of blue lighting here and there.

And now it’s done! 😀

What do you think about Helion? Feeling cold already? ;D

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Until we meet again!




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