DEVLOG#29 – Perfect Fifth: Power of Beauty

Hey hey it’s me again, the music composer. Zircon’s the name, I think. I don’t really know what I wanna talk about right now, so I’ll just talk about whatever I’m doing right now. Good luck reading this.


Well things are kinda rough right now. Aside from being an <sarcastictone>awesome music composer</sarcastictone>, I have these other annoying responsibilities in my life as well. In fact, most of the team does. Well some of us are full-timer, but the rest have another job for a living. Lecturers, teachers, librarian, even college students are doing their best managing their time. Me? Not so much. Lately my focus is too unevenly-divided. I still come to the studio, ideas for music still come to my head, but I have these other things and projects I can’t stop thinking about. To be honest I’m kinda jealous of the other who manage to focus 100% to whatever they’re doing lol.


Oh I mentioned about ideas, didn’t I. I’ve been experimenting recently. Mostly about instruments, some about music ideas, and some about technical things. Since I’m still struggling to find what I want to talk about right now, maybe I’ll talk about those.


You see, the songs I’ve made so far don’t really have much variation for the instruments. I mostly use strings, harp, flute, percussion, and some guitar riffs for quest songs. All songs you hear in the alpha version only have those. Of course I did make plan for the future that contains more than those, but I still think there’s something missing. Shortly we’ll release beta version and there will be more area you can explore, which means more songs too. I think there are like 4 or five more songs, I forget. But the thing is, the atmosphere for the new songs more or less is similar to the songs you’ve already heard in the alpha version. At least to me anyway. People in the team haven’t said anything so far, so maybe it’s just me. But still, I’m not satisfied. That’s why I started experimenting on new instruments.


Dolopo in the alpha version has not fully revealed. There are more areas you can explore in Dolopo when the beta version is released. There are different songs when you walk in certain areas, and these are what I’ve been experimenting on. One song I’m really satisfied with is the song for government area (yes, there’s a government area in a game about quadruple amputee blonde girl and a bipedal Roomba). In this song I only use three instruments, flute, viola, and harpsichord. If you have watched some movies where there are kings and evil kings and dragons and castle and stuffs, chances are you’ve heard what harpsichords sound like. They look like pianos, but sound thinner and more trebly.

Inverted key color is not mandatory

I always wanted to do something with the harpsichord just because I think it sounds really beautiful. For the government area I wanted the song to have a bit medieval feeling in it, so I was sure this instrument was what I just needed.


Now let’s move on to the music itself. I use dorian mode for this song with a LOT of fifth harmony. This type of harmony is what you get when you combine a note with the note that is four notes away in the scale. For example, let’s say you have a C major scale, which consists of the following notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, and B.

The last C is not mandatory

If you played an F note and wanted to add the fifth harmony of it, just count to four from F. So from F it would be G-A-B-C. So the fifth harmony for F note in C major scale is C. Play both of them together, and you get the fifth harmony. There are a lot of these pairs. You can combine one note with another that is one note away, or two, 3, 4, and so on and so forth. Usually what you hear in the radio or MTV (wait, does MTV even play music anymore?) just use the third harmony, which is two notes away. This is fine and I use them a lot too, but fifth harmony works much more beautifully for this kind of song.


The fifth harmony is also known as the perfect fifth. It’s the most “stable” and “colorless” out of all the harmonies, hence the name. If you play guitar and people often struggle to read the logo of your favorite bands, you’re probably already familiar about the term “power chords”. You know, that chord when you only play two string (usually the 6th and 5th or the 5th and 4th) and mute the rest?

Pink beard is not mandatory

Yeah, that’s an application of the perfect fifth as well. If you play it, it will still sound like the root note, albeit “bigger” sound is achieved. It doesn’t color the sound in a certain way. It’s just “perfect”.


Well, I think it’s enough for now. Other songs in the beta version are pretty much just old ideas I had, so this is the “newest” one I’ve made. For beta version, that is. Of course there are more to come, but I think you can only hear them in the full version, so be sure to check it out when it’s released. That’s it folks, you can close this now. You really need to finish those assignments you left hours ago. Good luck and be happy, okay? ❤

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