DEVLOG#27 – Playing with Water….

Hello all, it is now Amethyst writing the blog and we finally meet again to talk about game design aspect of Ascender. Lets begin and get wet!

One of the new element in Mustang that will be part of game play element is water. The water element is inspired when I played Splatoon, I love how they incooperate splating ink into the game. For those who don’t know the game, you can check out video below and if you have a Wii U you should consider to put the game into your collection.

Mustang is the center of farming  activities of GOA’s civilization. After thinking and experimenting a lot on creating water based puzzle, we decided that water is going to be one of the hazard that the player need to avoid. We are also able to control the flow of water in some part of the water to solve the puzzle. Well, water is going to be a central theme for puzzle in Mustang.

Well, lets see the water in Action 🙂

As you can see the water is flowing down as it is triggered. The question is why does Sky need to do it? Well, we can actually move item from one place to another using the water 🙂 So you need to be witty in order to finish the puzzle.

Here’s a variation of puzzle where sky not only need to figured out how to get to the lever but also need to figured how to do it before the water is flooding up. Wait, what is that box with a target in the middle of it? Well, it is another new puzzle element to play with 😀

I want to show more but we can’t wait for all of you to test the puzzles yourself. We are currently preparing something for all of you to test, hopefully next week you can try it all out.



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