DEVLOG#26 – Alaka-Zoom!

Hello there!!

It’s Kunzite here, junior programmer in GameChanger Team and another first timer writer in this blog. In this team, I am responsible to merge and organize the game contents and for today I am the host for this tour of development of Ascender.

As you guys have already seen, we have a team of great artists who have given their wonderful hand drawn artworks into this game and it would be wasted if we don’t display it into the screen, right? In the other hand, we can’t (and we won’t) display everything in the screen so you won’t see the bad side parts off-screen (secrets of the puzzle in the game :3). To do that, we need to adjust the camera in some parts of the game to give you just a perfect view and not ruin your pleasure playing this game. I am doing it by separating the scene by different regions. Then we gave those regions some identifier and attributes so the camera can identify which region it’s belong to. Each region has their own attribute and one of them is called “camera size”. When the camera enter a region, it will access the region’s camera size attribute and the camera will slowly move to that size either it’s moving forward or backward and give a great sensation. If you want to learn more about camera in 2D games, you can check this which gives great information about 2D games camera. Here is the view of the zoom effect I was babbling about.

gif zoom
Alaka-Zoom ~~

Now I want to show you Sky’s new ability. If you played our alpha test (I’m sure you guys did), you will know that Sky can swing around by the hook, right. Now, there is some special skill where he can pull himself to the hook, hang in there for a while, then launch to a destined direction.

gif hook
Go Sky !!

Well, that’s all for now guys. Stay tuned in this blog, there will be something special soon. Don’t let yourself miss that. Keep calm and peace out.



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