DEVLOG#19 – Animals Fusion : Gotta Mix’em All!!

DEVLOG#19 – Animals Fusion : Gotta Mix’em All!!

Hi, guys! Happy new year to our beloved Ascenderians!!

Garnet’s here and I want to tell you a tale behind some animals in Ascender. So, it all begins when Amber, the conceptor of Goa’s civilization had a long discussion about what kind of animal should live in Goa. In the talk, I gave my idea that it should be combination with 2 or more animals and Amber added some suggestion to consider about food chain and underground adaptation of those animals.

Where’s the idea come from? Actually, it just flashed in my mind when I remembered about trending post in 9GAG about pokemon! As one of the pokemon gamer, I really love when some people makes fan arts about them. For you guys, who doesn’t know yet about Pokemon (I doubt it, cause at least we heard of it, right?!?) you can check their official web in here. But, here it comes the fantastic fan arts on 9GAG!!

Pokemon Fusion as The Inspiration of Ascender's Animals
A 9GAG Post about Pokemon Fusion

It is amazingly cool, isn’t it? So, I try to figure it out, when my idea and Amber’s concerns meet. I created the lowest level of the food chain first: The TONABA! This is the fusion of Plankton and Amoeba (primarily the ability to divide itself) that can live either in water or land. Actually, it won’t be visually seen in the game but I placed some images so you guys can imagine what it will looks like.

The Plankton + Amoeba ability to divide itself

The second layer of the animal food chain are a bug and a water creature. Okay, this time the inspiration wasn’t really came from me, the bug part came from Chalcedony in the time that he showed me this picture.

Anchopper Illustration
The Anchopper Illustration

So, what is this bug actually??? This is a kind of bug that can live amphibious, which is the combination between an anchovy and a grasshopper: The ANCHOPPER! They love to eat many tonabas one by one till they full , they also can eat leaves. Anchoppers can be found in many places inside Goa and yeah, they are really buggy (annoying) but birds and small animals love to eat them!

Cattlefish Illustration
The Cattlefish Illustration

Next one comes from my authentic imagination. It’s a mix between a cattle and a cuttlefish : The CATTLEFISH! I know you must be wondering what it will looks like, it’s quite simple anyway: the shape are exactly the same  like cuttlefish but they have a pattern on their skin like a cow. Guess what, there is a lot of inks inside cuttlefish (if you grab and squeeze a cuttlefish the ink will pop out, right), but how about cattlefish?  They contain milk inside their body! So, this animal not only in the second level of food chain but it also provides the dairy need for GOA’s people! They eat tonabas all at once, anchoppers are also included.

Okay before I get too excited to write all the things in my post, I should give an end here because next our character artist, Morganite, will write about characters and animals that she already sketched and colored from my fusion idea description. Here is the clue about two animal names that Morganite already accomplished : MEOWL and GNALLO. Can you guess what’s the fusion recipe?

I’m Garnet, signing out from GameChanger’s vacation! 🙂

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