Happy new year, Ascenderians!

Happy new year, Ascenderians!

How time flies and suddenly it’s almost a year in developing our epic best game yet: Ascender! We have spent much of our time, thought, and treasure, for this sole reason: to finish this long-awaited game! Oh, the lost of opportunity to go for an outing, watch movies, and even to date …!

As for the time being, we have reached the alpha version milestone, packed with awesome stuffs which we ourselves find it difficult to believe. All of Game Changer crew is actively and wholly involved in assembling the pieces of Ascender.

Story team (Garnet and me) strove in inventing scenario and dialogues not only to match the grand storyline, but to actually become the heart of the entire game. Game design and programming team (Amethyst and Chalcedony) hurdled across challenges to make a fun and intuitive gameplay. Visual art team (Amber, Jade, Alexandrite, Moldavite, and Peridot) scrambled through innumerably difficult sketches and drawings. Audio team (Zircon and Citrine) never had the chance to unequip their headsets in order to produce superior tunes that blend well with the game. Garnet, Amethyst, and me also had to wrestle to make the best decision for the marketing strategy of Ascender.

If we are to reflect on this lengthy and challenging journey we traveled so far, it is suffice to say: Thanks God! The future, signified by this incoming new year, is full of shiny radiant stars of hope, floating in the sky of hope. We have high confidence and expectation to reach them, fulfilling our dreams. We will keep walking, side by side, hand in hand, our beloved brothers and sisters. Together we will keep ascending to realize the testament of Mar (late wife of Prof. Toro Hudo), that is, to give arms and legs for Ocean, their treasured daughter.



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