DEVLOG#14 – I am part of Ascender and I am an intern…

Dear Ascenderians,

My code name is Fire, I am actually an intern in GameChanger team. I started working with them in september and within a few weeks my internship term will be finished. I wanted to share you my experience before and after joining the team as 2D Artist.

Experiencing the industry is probably one of the biggest thing that haunts me since high school. There are a lot of questions such as whether I will be a good contributor to the society, will my work is useful or meaningful for others? Can I working cooperatively with others? Will my work can support myself and support my family?


Let's eat together ( I am the one with black and red boxed shirt)
Let’s eat together ( I am the one with black and red boxed shirt)

I see that there are a lot of gold opportunity for me and strive to improve my skill and expand mu knowledge. And one of the biggest part of university life (especially at the final year) is internship, it is also a requirement from my university to have it.

At this point, I am not confident with my self since there are some subjects from the university that I am not good at. At first, I am also confused to pick my specialization whether it is 2D or 3D. I started to postpone my plan for internship in the beginning of the year and try to add more portfolio. Since then, I decided to focus on my 2D skill of digital painting and manual illustration. I see most of my friends have finished their final projects and internship while I am still confused to decide when to start internship.

Gambreng Games (Part of GameChanger Team) is recommended by my friend Willi who have work there previously. The studio is also focused with 2D art. Aside from Willi experience, I also know two of the founders Amethyst and Ruby who has inspired me to try developing game. Amethyst is also the founder of game development club in my campus. Gambreng Games has also have a good track record with winning or nominated in gmae awards for both national and international. I have a chance to attend Gambreng Games second birthday and pursue more information regarding internship opportunity. Unfortunately, Gambreng Games is not opening internship this year. My optimism has shatterred because I have to find other place for internship, even though from my interaction with them has greatly increased my interest working with Gambreng Games.


Sometimes I slept while working...
Sometimes I slept while working…

On August, my prayer has been answered. Amber the art director of Gambreng called me 10 in the morning but I don’t pick it up since I am still asleep. I try to contact him back, and he offer me to be part of GameChanger team. With no hesitation I accept the offer and on Saturday I go to the studio to meet Amethyst and Ruby for further interview.

When I first join, Ascender is on the process of polishing the prototype. Before I take part of it I was tasked to create the concept art of Rajumla city. It is the first challenge because the concept art of other city is highly complex with varied perspective. But I try to learn on how to draw it. Since the task is not quite successful, I was asked to develop the dynamic environment of prototype.

My Close Up while working with tiara on my head
My Close Up while working with tiara on my head

Once again, I am hesitated because I haven’t doe it before but I keep experimenting with what I have made before. I made mistakes here and there and finally my work is implemented in the game. Slow but sure my confidence has grown, it completely risen when I was tasked to create a cut scene for Ascender opening. For me the task is even bigger than what I have done before. I rarely create a satisfying 2D animation, even thought I am not very confident with the result but everybody is satisfied with my work. It is one of my best achievement.


Preparation for The Booth (Again with the shirt)
Preparation for The Booth (Again with the shirt)

While in Gambreng, I learn a lot of new and not usual daily stuff. I need to hone my skills and work tempo in finishing the task based on the timeline and need to broaden my imagination with my assets. I need to consult with my colleague to find the best fit assets for the game. I also be part some of the biggest gaming and ICT event in Indonesia such as INAICTA, COMPFEST and GDG Prime 2015. I promote the game to a lot of people and I am really happy that eople enjoy the game. In making games, of course there will be problem, tension and obstacle in it. I enjoy my adventure with GameChanger team, I learn a lot !!! A Good Luck for all of them…



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