DEVLOG#13 – Grabbing the second place with Day and Night ?

Hello fellow Ascenderians,

Happy day for us in Ascender’s headquarters. We have just received another great achievement **yeay** We have just become the runner up of Game Categiry in Industry Creative Festival or INCREFEST 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia. The festival is held by ministry of industry of Indonesia.

We become Runner Up of INCREFEST 2015
We become Runner Up of INCREFEST 2015

Just like in GDG, we met with a lot of great game developers around the country. They also come home with great achievement. Wisageni Studio who received the first position and Raion Studio that placed third. Also two amazing studios madfal and miracle gates which respectively got fourth and fifth place.

On board with Raion and Wisageni
On board with Raion and Wisageni

At the event, the biggest thing that we share is the unveiling of day and night mechanism within the game. This feature is related to a lot of elements of quest in the game and create a new dynamic within the game. Not only quest, some power up will also be more useful at certain time of the day **hint: it includes the usage of light**

The day and night will also be visually implemented within the game but it is only the beginning of something truly big. The concept of gameplay will involve a lot in using light. It will be part of awesome puzzle that Ascender will have in the game. I won’t share a lot about this because it deserve a blog of its own.

day and night mech
day and night mech

We use day and night to give a sense of time progression within the game which greatly immersive for exploration games. It also related to soon to be implemented mechanism called gardening **yes, you can raise a tree and other plant :)**

We think that INCREFEST 2015 will be the last event we participate this year. We are now currently very focused on brewing for an alpha that will be released on December.  We will be releasing it to limited person at the beginning *hint.. subscribe through our web* and will open it for public within few days. Hopefully everything will be ready and I can’t wait to hear your input regarding Ascender: The Game.




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