DEVLOG#06 – Audio Development

Hi Ascenderians!

I am Citrine, the sound designer of GameChanger Team. GameChanger Team have 2 persons on audio department, Zircon who focused on music composing & I focused on sound effect, mixing & finishing touch to all audio on Ascender The Game.

So, first of all, I will tell you about what we believed about music. We believe that music in game will give you different experience of gaming. Player will get better experience when playing a game with good audio, rather than without audio.

On the other side, I saw that most game developers neglected music in game development, and left it until the very end. I really disagree with that decision. Therefore, I undertake the development of the audio from the beginning, alongside the development of the game.

What I do first is to make the BGM & sound effect for the prototype of Ascender The Game.


Ruby, our Producer, chose ‘Himalaya’ as the overall concept of Ascender The Game. I then researched on the ‘Himalaya’ music, about what instruments are used in ‘Himalaya’ music.

I chose flute, violin and cello as a basic instrument for our theme song and added some Celtics instruments like harp, drum, trumpet and trombone to make our song more majestic.

This is our theme song for now. It’s not final, we will add choir like angel’s voice to this song, to make it more emotional.


That’s it for today, next time I will give you sound effect compilation of Ascender The Game.


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